Top 6 Best Elliptical Cross Trainer for Home Use in India 2022

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Best Elliptical Cross Trainer for Home Use in India

Topic : Best Elliptical Cross Trainer for Home Use in India 2022

Purchasing fitness equipment for your home in India might be on your mind if recent times have made you rethink your fitness program. This article hopes to give you some insight into the Best Elliptical Cross Trainer for Home Use in India, one such fitness equipment. Exercise on an elliptical trainer works a wide range of muscles in your body, as well as your heart and lungs. You’ll find all the information you need about the Best Elliptical Cross Trainers for home use in India, whether you’re still unsure or have decided to purchase one.

In this article, we will give you an overview of the various types of elliptical trainers available on the market, a Buyer’s guide, things to consider before buying an elliptical machine, type of elliptical cross trainers, the best elliptical cross trainer brand in India, review of top 6 best elliptical trainers with pros and cons, & what is the best cross trainer for home use. Moreover, elliptical trainers are very cost-effective, especially when compared to cross-trainers. 

List of Top 3 Best Elliptical Cross Trainers for Home use in India with comparison

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Benefits of Best Elliptical Cross Trainer for Home Use in India:

After intense research we have discovered the following benefits of elliptical trainer machine, let us share the same with you : 

Exercise for the Whole Body

In contrast to most fitness equipment, the elliptical trainer works all parts of the body. Consequently, it increases your calorie expenditure. Pushing and pulling movements are performed using your legs and hands, starting at the top and working your upper body, including your arms, chest, and shoulders. When you pedal with your legs, you are exercising your knees first and foremost. In order to work on your glutes, you should pedal backward. It is possible to increase the strain on your legs by adjusting the resistance of the machine. Consequently, the harder you push your legs, the faster your arms move, ensuring that you work your entire body effectively.

Loss of weight

Weight loss can be achieved by using elliptical machines. When used in conjunction with dietary restrictions, this piece of equipment is often associated with fat loss. The number of calories burned on an elliptical trainer is often compared with that of a treadmill. Unlike a treadmill, an elliptical trainer works your whole body. The fact that several muscles are simultaneously being worked gives the illusion that fewer calories are being burned. 

Workouts With Varying Intensity

It is crucial to vary the resistance offered by the machine, as we have discussed extensively in this article. You can begin with a smaller resistance threshold if you have just started exercising or have not been exercising for a while. Your muscles will be able to work harder as you progress on the machine by varying the resistance. With an adjustable intensity, you won’t overload your muscles right away. Regular exercise won’t become unpleasant with it.

Exercise at home

Even though you can exercise your body with several fitness equipments at home, not everything allows you to do so. Using a treadmill and weights might not be enough, so you might need to do other exercises for your upper body. Your lower body might not receive the proper workout if you rely only on weights. Eliminating this problem is achieved by using the elliptical trainer, which requires only one piece of exercise equipment to cover the entire body. A thorough workout at home can be achieved by spending adequate time with varying levels of resistance.

Keeping everyone safe

Injury is another factor to consider. Running on a treadmill, for example, can put you at risk of falling. You can rest assured that you are at a significantly lower risk of injury when working out with an elliptical cross trainer that has a seat. Elliptical trainers differ from other exercise equipment in that they exert relatively less force on the joints. By targeting the entire body, the elliptical trainer is much less likely to cause excessive strain on one part of the body than other exercise equipment.

Types of Best Adjustable Elliptical Trainers For Home Use in India

Best Elliptical Cross Trainer for Home Use in India

Cross-trainers come in a wide variety of designs and types. Before making an informed decision, it is a good idea to have an understanding of the different types of cross trainers available in the market. Several types of elliptic cross-trainers are available on the market.

Electromagnetic Cross Trainer

If you want to exercise your muscles the most, the machine should offer enough resistance. Generally, you can adjust the resistance depending on how much you want to exert yourself. Using a button, you can adjust the electromagnetic field the Electromagnetic Cross Trainer produces. The resistance is then applied to the flywheel. Flywheels are systems that operate cross-trainers and control the resistance they provide.

Belt Drive Elliptical Trainer

Similar to the Electromagnetic Cross Trainer, the Belt Drive Elliptic trainer also uses resistance to achieve resistance. It has however a much higher risk of wearing out, and its braking power is also much weaker than a magnetic cross trainer. For this reason, they do not cost as much as a magnetic cross trainer.

Inline Cross Trainer

It can be used to exercise muscles by adjusting the level of incline, as its name suggests. With the ability to alter the incline degree, the machine allows you to walk uphill or on a flat surface; increasing the incline also allows the participant to stretch their muscles. Specifically, the thigh muscles and core muscles are involved.

Variable Stride Length Cross Trainer

Various machines let you adjust the stride length to accommodate each individual’s stride. Long strides are usually associated with tall people, while short strides with shorter people. A person’s height often contributes to this difference. By adjusting the stride length, the variable stride length cross trainer allows you to exercise your muscles in a comfortable manner.

Ergometer Cross Trainer

Ergometer Cross Trainers offer the same feature as Electromagnetic Cross Trainers – the ability to adjust the resistance exerted by the machine. Cross Trainers with Ergometers are especially useful for athletes looking for more precise resistance measurements. Watts are the metric provided by the Ergometer Cross Trainer. The Ergometer Cross Trainer usually costs more. Purchasing a cheaper alternative makes more sense if you do not require exact measurements.

Rear Driven Cross Trainer

Unlike a front-drive cross trainer, the flywheel of a rear-drive cross trainer is directly attached to the rear of the machine. Therefore, it produces somewhat elliptical movements.

Front Driven Cross Trainer

Flywheels are located at the front of the Front Driven Cross Trainer. Due to its placement, the movements on the Rear Driven Cross Trainer are flatter in nature than those on the Rear Driven Cross Trainer, which are more elliptical. It shouldn’t affect your purchase decision much if the flywheel is at the front or rear of the machine. There is nothing better than a front-driven machine.

Fan Elliptical Trainer

Instead of using a flywheel, the Fan Elliptical Trainer uses a fan. By contrast, the flywheel’s mechanical resistance system is weaker than the natural air resistance. Additionally, the resistance range is limited. Therefore, if you do not have a shoestring budget, you should opt for a flywheel-powered model.

Review of Best Elliptical Cross Trainers for home use in India :

Welcare Elliptical Cross Trainer WC6044 :

Unique features to consider :

  • A four-kilogram flywheel rotates in two directions.
  • Large LCD monitors are available for tracking important details and serving as odometers.
  • For easy measurement, the hand pulse pad is mounted on the handrails.
  • Magnetic resistance is adjustable to 8 levels for optimum performance.
  • Metal of high quality is used in its construction.

Review of Welcare Elliptical Cross Trainer WC6044 Review :

Welcare offers the WC6055 as another product in its famous fitness equipment line. Under seventy-five thousand is its price point, and it is a bit more expensive than its budget variant. The WC6044 has the same adjustable seat as its cheaper counterpart, making it one of the best elliptical cross-trainers. The machine has an 18-inch stride length, along with a variety of adjustable features. Allowing you to adjust the intensity of your workout based on your needs.

As a result of the 8kg flywheels, your speed will increase, thus making it less stressful on your knees. In other words, it is one of the best cross trainers for knee problems. In addition to the large LCD window monitor, it also has a sensor that measures heart rate and calories burned along with a large LCD window monitor that tracks speed, time, and distance. The WC6055 sports all of these features, which make it the best elliptical cross trainer for home use in India.

Pros & Cons

  • Stability is a key feature of this machine.
  • Installing it is very simple, and it can be assembled very easily.
  • A cross trainer is a good investment.
  • The packaging is excellent.
  • The elliptical size could be increased.

Reach Orbitrek/Orbitrack Dual 2 in 1 Cross Trainer

Unique features to consider :

  • Besides measuring speed and distance, it can also track time and calories.
  • It provides an effective workout and automatically shuts off after working out.
  • It has an LCD screen that displays the stats.
  • The pedals and handle grips are non-slip.
  • To meet different height requirements, the handlebar can be adjusted.
  • There are eight resistance levels.
  • Users can weigh up to 100 kg.
  • A one-year warranty is included.

Review of Reach Orbitrek/Orbitrack Dual 2 in 1 Cross Trainer :

This dual trainer is an elliptical trainer and a stationary bike that can be used as an elliptical and cross trainer. It comes with wheels for easy mobility and storage. On the LCD screen, you can see information such as speed, distance, time, and calories burned.

Another excellent product from Reach is the Elliptical Trainer. It offers a variety of excellent features. It can support individuals weighing up to 100kg, making it the best cross trainer for people who weigh a lot.

As one of the best elliptical trainers for belly fat, it comes with thirteen pre-programmed programs that are very effective in weight loss. Additionally, these programs provide details about body fat percentages, body mass indexes, and body mass ratios. Heat resistance is also automatically adjusted based on the heart rate. This makes it the best elliptical trainer for lower back problems, since it allows for an immersive lower body workout. One of the top cross trainers in the premium segment, it features an adjustable stride length of twenty-one inches, anti-slip pedals, anti-shake resistance, and a tablet holder.

Pros & Cons

  • You can use it as both an elliptical trainer and as an exercise bike.
  • You can easily move the cart around because of the wheels.
  • It is possible to adjust the resistance levels to meet the needs of beginners and advanced users.
  • It is not equipped with a heart rate monitor.

Buying Guide of Best Elliptical Trainers For Home Use in India

Things to consider before buying the Best Elliptical Trainers For Home Use in India :

Front or rear-drive

Cross trainers come with either front wheels or rear wheels. The flywheel is located in either of these positions. Thus, the type of machine you pick depends on your preferences; therefore, you may want to try both to see which one works best for you.

Different designs have some basic differences. In addition, rear-wheel-drive vehicles tend to have more natural movements, and this provides a more comfortable ride.

With the use of articulating pedals, this can be achieved on front-wheel-drive machines. Consequently, without the articulating pedals, front wheel machines will not feel as natural as the rear wheel machines.

Most rear-wheel drive cross trainers are equipped with an adjustable ramp. Different muscle groups can be targeted with this ramp. The stride of the user may be longer when using a front-wheel drive, since the motion will have the feel of jogging.

These types of machines are usually more affordable when they are front-wheel drive. The user, however, will not have an improved sense of control.

Distance between strides

A person’s stride is measured by measuring the maximum distance between the front and rear foot of their front foot. If you are trying to choose the best cross trainer for you, you need to consider the length of the strides. As you rotate your feet, you should make sure that the motion is natural and comfortable.

Make sure that you choose an elliptical machine with a longer stride if you are picking a machine. By doing this, you will move faster. You are at risk of straining your muscles if the machine’s maximum stride is too long. Additionally, it will feel cramped if it is too short and you won’t be as efficient.

When you take longer strides, you are more likely to have an oval-shaped motion of the legs. Other machines require you to walk up and down.

For taller individuals, an elliptical with a long stride length would be best, while shorter individuals would use a cross training machine that is more compact. Prior to choosing your stride length, ensure that you are sure that it is the right one for you.

Weight of the user

The maximum weight supported by most elliptical machines is displayed on the machine. In-home versions of the elliptical, the maximum weight supporting capacity is lower. High-performance cross-trainers can accommodate heavier individuals.

In general, commercially designed machines are designed to support more weight. As a result, these machines are more expensive.


Consider the flywheel weight when getting the elliptical cross wheel. Flywheels affect resistance and smoothness of motion because of their weight. The momentum is created when using a cross trainer.

You should get a cross trainer with a flywheel that weighs at least 7kg. Generally, a heavier flywheel signifies a better-built and higher-quality machine.

You should be aware that the manufacturer does not indicate the weight of the flywheel on the machine. Therefore, it is important to do some additional research on your own.


As part of the workout machine, the console is what regulates how the user works out. It allows users to set new programs and change the level of resistance. Additionally, the console provides feedback on the user’s progress and activities.

You can view data such as heart rate, speed, and calories burned on the console. In less expensive machines, the consoles are basic, as they usually only have a basic LCD screen for reading out the results.

In order to become an advanced multimedia system, the specifications increase and new features are added. In addition to the backlit LCD and touch screen displays, there are consoles and monitors with fancier displays.


Among the features of cross trainers are the Q-factor, which is the distance between the inside of the foot pedals. It is more convenient and natural to use the machine when your legs are close together.

Hence, you should select a machine with a lower Q-factor of about 5 centimeters, so that your exercise position will be correct biomechanically.


Cross Trainers and treadmills are different. As the treadmill is set for a specific speed, the user is geared toward keeping pace with that speed. 

Work speed on the treadmill is determined by your activity. The resistance you experience during your workout is determined by the difficulty and intensity of your workout.

Resistance on a cross-trainer must be considered from different perspectives. There are various ways to generate resistance, and one of the easiest ways is by using a belt resistance or manually adjusting the brake.

Cross trainers with lower specifications tend to have this kind of resistance. You’ll need to adjust it manually before beginning a workout.

Using electromagnetic resistance to move the flywheel closer or further from the electromagnetic makes the job easier. You can control this movement using the console.

Since there is no friction created by touching the electromagnetic system, the mechanism lasts longer as well.

Consider the resistance range of the cross trainer if you’re going to buy one. When training on the machine for a longer period, this should be considered.

By having a wide range, you can always intensify your workout, and improve your results. Purchasing a machine should not be based solely on the manufacturer’s words. Try it out and read reviews before purchasing.

Monitoring your heart rate

Monitoring the heart rate can be done in a number of ways. Heart rate is typically monitored by hand sensors that are attached to the handlebars of most machines.

The wireless receivers on other machines connect to chest straps, so your heart rate can be transmitted to the console via the straps. There is an increase in accuracy when using this method as opposed to using handlebar sensors.

If you want to train within your heart range zones, this is the best option. You may also consider the following factors when selecting an elliptical cross trainer.

Utilization frequency

Consider carefully how you will be using the elliptical cross-trainer. When choosing an elliptical cross trainer, you should make sure that it is one that accomplishes what you want it to accomplish. When this machine will be used by several people, as often as possible during the week, it’s best to get a cross trainer with higher specifications


If you do not have enough space in your home or gym to accommodate the cross trainer, you should create it before purchasing it.


The more expensive the cross trainer, the better. If you are looking for cross-trainers, avoid cheap ones; they do not serve you well. There are better ones with higher prices, as they are designed with frames, have smoother operations, are rear-drive, and have the best consoles.

Instead of buying a brand new cross trainer, you should get a refurbished elliptical trainer. Used ones are also more durable.

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Which are the Best Elliptical Cross Trainer Brands In India?

Before jumping to the review on elliptical machines, let us take a look at the Best brands of Elliptical Cross Trainers in India.


Known for producing a wide variety of fitness equipment, Reach is a renowned manufacturer. Reach’s orbitrek brand is an elliptical cross trainer. The company provides a full line of fitness equipment, including ellipticals, treadmills, dumbbells, and leg massagers.


Anand Group also produces sports equipment under the name “Cockatoo,” which was established 38 years ago. The collection of equipment includes elliptical cross trainers, benches, and racks for strength training.


Welcare makes great fitness products with over seventy exclusive stores across India since 1996, making it a household name in the fitness industry. There are more than just elliptic cross-trainers in their exquisite repertoire. You can also get a treadmill, a bike, and a strength training machine. 


You can also consider buying an elliptical cross-trainer from Afton when you’re thinking about buying one. Its impressive line of home equipment includes everything you might need. Frog Fitness, Indoor Games, and Fast Pong are all available at this gym, along with elliptical cross trainers, gym flooring, and BMI machines. 


Kettler, a German brand with stores around the world, including India, should be on your shortlist. They offer a wide range of products, including garden furniture, outdoor lighting, and fitness equipment. Particularly, they offer treadmills, indoor trainer bikes, and of course, elliptical cross trainers.


Fitness equipment needs for hotels in India are met by a variety of brands under the sole brand. Among their fitness accessories are treadmills, ellipticals and bikes. 


Most people know Xterra for its cross-triathlon races. Their products are sold all over the world, and they offer a wide range of products. They manufacture a variety of fitness apparel and equipment, including elliptical cross trainers and beyond.

General FAQ :

How does an Elliptical Trainer work? 

Elliptical cross trainers provide users with the option to run, walk, stair, and climb without causing excessive joint stress or pain. The low-impact exercise system of an elliptical trainer makes it suitable for people with certain injuries. A full-body workout on an elliptical cross trainer is effective because it is non-impact. 

Which is the overall Best elliptical cross trainer in India? 

In India, the Reach Elliptical trainer is the overall best cross trainer in India. Featuring an advanced and adjustable design, this elliptical trainer offers a full-body workout. Among its outstanding features are ergonomic design, LCD, 8 specific user-defined program buttons, and music entertainment system, which make it the best elliptical cross-trainer. 

Which is the best elliptical cross trainer for home use in India?

With no doubt, the best Cross Trainer for Home is the Cockatoo Elliptical Cross Trainer. This fitness equipment is ergonomically designed. It is durable, lightweight, portable, and highly reliable. An elliptical trainer with hand pulse grips, transport wheels, handlebars, foot levelers, and a built-in connectivity system makes it an ideal home exercise machine.

How good is an elliptical cross trainer for weight loss?

The elliptical cross trainer burns a lot of calories, helping you lose body fat, toning up your muscles, and losing weight. Weight loss can be achieved more effectively with its fat-burning capacity.

Is an elliptical cross trainer bad for knees? 

Elliptical machines provide low-impact aerobic exercise and do not cause knee injury. The elliptical trainer is excellent for relieving knee pain.  The quads and hamstrings are strengthened while the knees are kept healthy.

Elliptical cross trainer vs Treadmill: which one should I choose?

Getting a cardiovascular workout can be achieved using both elliptical cross trainers and treadmills. There are probably a number of factors that determine which machine is best for an individual, such as their workout goals, physical health, and other factors. However, treadmills are heavy, heavy machines that can strain your joints. Elliptical cross trainers are better for working out the entire body. Additionally, many people find elliptical trainers easier to operate than treadmills, as well as more comfortable and safer.

Can an elliptical cross trainer be more effective than walking? 

Walking burns fewer calories than elliptical cross-trainers.  Additionally, elliptical training increases thigh engagement over walking. Walking proves to be less beneficial than exercising on an elliptical trainer.

Does an elliptical trainer need a surge protector?

The answer to this question is “yes.” If your machine is self-generating, you don’t need a surge protector. It is essential, however, that you use a surge protector if your machine is one that must be plugged in.

Is it necessary to plug in an elliptical machine?

The machine’s make determines whether it will work. A battery or a power cord can be used to power an elliptical machine. Other elliptical machines only have one power source, while others can be powered by either one or both of the sources.

Is it possible for my rate monitor to stop working?

It is possible for the rate monitor to stop working at any time. It may be the result of poor-quality materials. You can, however, try varying the firmness of your grip on the handlebar and see if this helps. You can also contact technical support if the issue persists.

When my elliptical machine squeaks, what should I do?

Assembly should be well screwed; however, it shouldn’t be too tightly screwed. In case it starts to squeak, you can identify the squeaking part and apply lubrication according to the manual. You can also check the pedal arms and guide rails to determine if they are misplaced.

Is there a possibility that the display may malfunction?

Error codes appear when the battery power is low. Contacting technical support is the right thing to do if the issue persists.

How should I maintain the machine?

Maintenance instructions are provided with the various products; these should be followed as directed. Even if the screws aren’t in place, you can always go further to check if they’re still there.